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Title: Halloween Trope - The “Wicked" Witch(es)
Author: SpunkyAR
Word count: >4,000
Timeline: Post-Harvest Festival and Pre-Camping. I used jncar Park and Recreations timeline, which says that the Harvest Festival was in mid-October. 
Summary: The brightest and most powerful witches of Pawnee come out to play with friends on Halloween.
Author Notes: First, thank you to stillscape! She gave me wonderful and very helpful advise. I hope I was able catch at least most of the issues she pointed out. Second, I apologize this is being posted after Halloween. These past couple days have been crazy. I hope you enjoy and I can’t wait to read the other writer’s stories. I haven’t let myself read any of them until I finished this. :)

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Fanfic: Home Again (Part 2/2)

Title: Home Again (Part 2/2)
Pairing: Leslie/Ben
Word Count: Approx. 4500
Summary: This was originally started for Tropes Week during last summer's challenge and I thought now would be a good time to finally post the second half. “What would happen if Ben lost his memory and couldn’t remember his life with Leslie and his new friends in Pawnee.” 
Author’s Note: I’ve never actually had amnesia or know anyone who has; so all accounts are from what I see on tv and what fit my story. :) 

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I don't usually like to do this, but please take a moment to vote for the amazingly sweet, caring and loyal Leslie Knope. Hermione is great, but who doesn't love an underdog. Especially when the underdog totally deserves it! ~*~VOTE KNOPE!!~*~

It's just so close...

Fanfic: Home Again (Part 1)

Title: Home Again (Part 1/?)
Pairing: Leslie/Ben
Word Count: approx. 2300
Summary: This was originally started for the Tropes Week summer challenge many months ago. “What would happen if Ben lost his memory and couldn’t remember his life with Leslie and his new friends.”

Although Ben's use to not being able to give people what they want, this is somehow a million times worst then any of those experiences.

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Parks & Rec Calendar 2012

I finally updated the 2012 Parks and Recreation Calendar my BF made me for everyone else to be able to print as well! Thank you very much to the 4 wonderful artist below that gave me permission to keep their pictures in the calendar. I hope everyone enjoys! 
January - Paper Pie
March - FearInTheSky 
April - Talking-Bird
November - LulzyBunny13

Download Link  - If there are an corrections needed or issues in downloading or printing, please let me know and I will do my best to fix them ASAP.


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Parks & Rec Calendar

So I normally don't like to brag, but I just got an awesome early Christmas gift from my best friend and I had to share it. A couple weeks ago I mentioned wanting a Parks and Recreation calendar but since they don't make them...she actually made one for me!!! It's so pretty!! :)

She went with a Ben and Leslie theme and used fanart she found on Tumblr and LJ. So thank you very much to the people that created these artworks that I will be staring at for the next year!!

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Fanfic: The Trial of Ben Wyatt

Title: “The Trial of Ben Wyatt”
Pairing: Ben's POV, Ben/Leslie
Word Count: approx. 700
Summary: ‘The Trial of Leslie Knope’ from Ben’s POV.

He had not seen or heard from her since that morning, but he knew she could feel his presence through the wall.

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Fanfic: Making Every Moment Count

Title: “Making Every Moment Count”
Pairing: Ben's  POV, Ben/Leslie
Word Count: approx. 550
Summary: After last night’s episode, I needed to write something that would give me some hope for these two. Also I still kind of wanted to slap some sense into Ben and I had to change that at least in my head cannon.

But now he was confused. How had she not realized that their romantic relationship was over weeks ago? Had she been holding onto him all this time?

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Fanfic: 10 Facts about Ben & Leslie

Title: 10 Facts about Ben & Leslie
Pairing: Leslie/Ben
Word Count: approx. 1,750
Summary: This is in response to the “10 Facts Challenge,” set by Cypanache.

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I'm talking about::

Fanfic: Leaving

Title: Leaving
Pairing: Leslie/Ben
Genre: Romance, Angst, Fluff
Word Count: approx. 2,900
Summary: Leslie contemplates her relationship and future with Ben, but faith rarely lets things work out as she plans.
Authors Note: I don’t know what the exact term would be, but this is an alternate ending/universe to “Camping” and beyond. Because I was on a time crunch, I didn’t have time for someone to Beta my work, so please forgive me for any mistakes!! I would really LOVE to hear your feedback and opinions. This is my first Park and Recreation fanfic. Thank you! :)

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Parks and Recreation Icons

So I haven't made icons in over a year, but I've been playing around in Photoshop and created some Parks and Recreation icons. I just miss them and can't wait for the show to come back in Sept. I hope you enjoy. :)
44 Parks and Recreation (Mostly Ben&Leslie)

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I'm talking about::

Ben and Leslie: The Relationship Bubble

After much ado (sorry about that) here's Part Three of the Ben/Leslie picspam, The Relationship Bubble. When everything is full of red wine, cuddling and crazy amounts of history channel documentaries (whatever that means). This brings our lovebirds story up to date and we'll now have to wait until 22 September for more. :) Hope you enjoy/have enjoyed these picspams. They have been a lot of tedious work, but also been really fun to make!( Part 3:The Relationship Bubble )Collapse )

I'm talking about::

Here's Part Two of the Ben's Feelings picspam, Forbidden Romance. This is the chapter of their story were angst is growing and the lines between co-worker, friend and soulmate are becoming blurred. This only covers four and a half episodes, but it's actually more pictures then part one. :) Hope you enjoy and next The Relationship!  
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I'm talking about::

Ben's Feelings for Leslie: The Crush

So The Crush is the first topic in a three part series on Ben Wyatt's feelings for Leslie Knope in the awesome show Parks and Recreation. It's hard to say when Ben's feelings for Leslie changed from just a crush to something deeper, but this picspam covers "The Master Plan" to "Camping." The next sections will be: The Forbidden Romance and The Relationship. Hope you enjoy staring at Ben's face as much as I have over the past couple of days! :)
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I'm talking about::

Oscar Bingo Party

This is just another random post, but if anyone's interested a small group of my friends played this game for the Academia Awards and we had an AWESOME time!! I don't think I've ever really enjoyed watching an award show until this. The link above provides you with the bingo cards and all you need to do is print them, get a group of friends together for this Sunday night and have fun. Also if you want to play for something else you could easily change the boxes out to fit any tv broadcast...a different award show, sports game or even a big finale. You’d be surprised how fast everyone starts yelling at the television. ;)

Well if you decide to play...I hope you have fun!  

I'm talking about::


P&R (cast)

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